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Frequently Asked Questions


Registering for the Conference

How can I register for The Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference?
We encourage you to register online, or you may contact Customer Service at 508-766-5469.

How will I be notified that my registration is confirmed?
When you provide a valid email address, we will send you an email confirmation. If you register by fax or mail, an email confirmation will be sent out once payment is received in full.

Can I register at the conference?
Yes, onsite registration is available.
Please note: There is an incentive to pre-register for the conference in order to receive early bird savings.

When will I receive my admittance badge?
Badges will be distributed on-site in the registration area. You must obtain your badge to be admitted to the conference. Speakers should pick up their badges in the Speaker Ready Room.

How do members of the press register?
Please contact Kathleen Dury at 508-820-8503 for more information.

What is the expected attire for the conference?
The attire for the conference is business casual.  The only exception is the evening of the gala dinner and awards ceremony, when the dress is black-tie optional.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

What are the promotion and sponsorship opportunities at The Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference®?
For information, please contact, John Amato at 508-820-8279.

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For Speakers Only

What is the standard room set for A/V and how do I make special A/V requests?
If you are giving a presentation on main stage: There will be an optional opportunity to rehearse your presentation on the main stage. This rehearsal session is also an opportunity to get accustomed to the lighting on the stage, review your slides on the monitor, etc. A wireless lavaliere microphone, wireless slide advancer, and a countdown clock will be provided. If you are interested in scheduling a time, please contact Joy Latino, 508-820-8278.

If you are giving a presentation in a concurrent session: Computerworld provides a laptop computer with your presentation pre-loaded, an LCD projector, 8' Tripod screen, a wireless mic and wireless slide advancer for your presentation. The room will be set classroom style with a lectern (on a riser) and screen in the front of the room. If you require special A/V assistance, equipment and set-up, please contact Joy Latino, 508-820-8278.

When is my presentation due?
For your presentation due date, please refer to the "Greetings" document that was emailed to you when you were confirmed to give a presentation at the conference.

Where can I send my biography and photo for proper introductions, posting online and inclusion in the conference guide?
If you have not already done so, please email your bio and photo to

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